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Every organisation restructures from time to time – and so when a restructure creates a new management level, the burning question is of course how to make sure those new managers are operating effectively as soon as possible. This was the situation Whirlpool found itself in. A restructure of the contact centre had created six new business manager roles – all of whom were promoted internally.

“The business managers had all previously been supervisors in the contact centre, so there was a big learning curve,” explains Lee Cumberland, Senior Operations Manager in Whirlpool’s UK and ROI contact centre. “On the one hand, we needed to ensure that the business managers stopped managing the business through their existing networks of agents and start empowering their teams of supervisors to lead effectively. On the other hand, the new team was understandably nervous about interacting with senior managers in the business – so we needed to enable them to thrive in that setting, too.

Ipsum dipsum

Ipsum Dipsum

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  • Improved internal and external interpersonal communication skills

  • Increased level of trust and cohesion established within the team 

  • Higher awareness of organisation vision and focus

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