Team Coaching

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team”       

Steve Jobs


We provide in-house coaching for teams and tailored coaching consultancy services for organisations looking to support teams to become high performing, adapt to change or take their performance to the next level.  Through taking a ‘systemic’ approach, we facilitate the team in considering the environment and organisation in which they operate and enable the whole to become so much greater than the sum of the parts.

Release your 'Collective Brilliance'.

Team Coaching

Team coaching enables teams to identify and address their challenges over a coaching programme lasting several months – resulting in deep learning and sustainable change. It involves coaching the team together as well as one-to-one coaching for individuals, and observing and supporting team meetings and events.  We focus on the 5 disciplines of High Performing Teams; Commission, Clarifying, Co-creating, Connecting and Core Learning.

During team coaching, a team can develop together, clarify its purpose, goals and ways of working. They can reconnect with stakeholders, better understanding their needs and identify powerful new ways to contribute to the organisation’s success

It’s also a valuable organisational development tool and can play an important part in culture change programmes.

Team coaching is not only beneficial for board-level teams, but also for any management or leadership team, newly formed or merged teams, or those needing to raise their performance


Who is it for?

We have worked with a vast number of teams with various challenges such as;

  • are aiming to become a High Performing Team

  • want to increase their impact and influence within the organisation  – including at leadership, board and management levels

  • are facing complex change or uncertainty

  • need to create alignment on the team’s purpose and collective leadership

  • are looking to enable effective engagement with stakeholders

  • need to focus the team on the value it can add

  • want to improve team dynamics and ways of working

  • want to enhance how the team learns and develops




"Terrific way to deepen relationships, breakdown barriers and build trust within the senior leadership team."

HR Director, Isagro

"This was actually fantastic .... The interaction was great and the coaching very efficient from my standpoint. I would not change the approach for future initiatives. It was a positive and interesting step into a better team approach"

Director, IFS

Dep Director Acquisition, NCIA

"one word "GREAT!!!....It was an excellent azimuth check. Now it is up to us to head in the right direction."

Service Line Chief, NATO Agency

"Exceptional... very effective coaching, necessary observations, remarkable patience and sense of adaptation."

Head of Requirements Management, NCIA

"Exceptional...... I found all the topics very exciting and useful for me. 

I was really impressed with how well it was organised and by the professionalism of the staff. This was the best module so far..."

Head Innovation and Data Science, NCIA

"Brilliantly facilitated event, and being immersed in the forest environment was profoundly effective in creating an environment for co-learning and building trust."

Director, IFS, Global Enterprise SW solutions

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