Development Programmes

Alongside individual coaching, we consult, design and deliver tailored Leadership, Management and Team Development programmes to meet the specific requirements of our clients

We are experts in designing and delivering bespoke leadership programmes that develop the emotional engagement and compassion needed by leaders in today's changing world. Our programmes are usually launched with a 2-day consultation phase where we work with the client to fully agree the required outcomes. We then design a bespoke programme, which can involve a blend of face to face and virtual programmes supported by individual and team coaching, off-site workshops and, optionally, outdoor adventure experiences and guest speakers.  We establish clear, measurable outcomes to ensure we are able to demonstrate effective Return on help embed the learning and behavioural change.

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Programmes & Workshops
Coaching Mastery



"Terrific way to deepen relationships, breakdown barriers and build trust within the senior leadership team."

HR Director, Isagro

This was actually fantastic .... The interaction was great and the coaching very efficient from my standpoint. I would not change the approach for future initiatives.It was a positive and interesting step into a better team approach

Director, IFS

Dep Director Acquisition, NCIA

"one word "GREAT!!!....It was an excellent azimuth check. Now it is up to us to head in the right direction."

Service Line Chief, NATO Agency

"Exceptional... very effective coaching, necessary observations, remarkable patience and sense of adaptation."

Head of Requirements Management, NCIA

Exceptional...... I found all the topics very exciting and useful for me. 

I was really impressed with how well it was organised and by the professionalism of the staff. This was the best module so far...

Head Innovation and Data Science, NCIA

"Brilliantly facilitated event, and being immersed in the forest environment was profoundly effective in creating an environment for co-learning and building trust."

Director, IFS, Global Enterprise SW solutions

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