Achieving Leadership Excellence

Programme Overview

The ALE programme is a coaching led, leadership development programme that focuses on increasing self-awareness and emotional intelligence, leading to personal leadership behavioural change, creating a more cohesive leadership environment, and increasing employee engagement and organisational effectiveness.

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ALE 2 delegates in Pyrenees 2019
Programme Outcomes – by the end of the programme participants;
  • have increased personal confidence in their own leadership ability,
  • lead teams and empower their staff more effectively,
  • become excellent role models for their teams and other aspiring leaders,
  • have improved resilience and be pro-active in demanding situations,
  • cooperate effectively and retain clarity of purpose amidst change and complexity, and
  • enable improved employee engagement.

ALE Modules

Module 1



Module 2

High Performing Teams

Module 3

Leadership Environment

Module 4

Leadership Challenges

Module 5




What ALE participants say...

"The course MUST be has the potential to provide real leadership enrichment and dividends for the Agency."

"I believe I'm a better ME now.....I'm much more confident and I have teamed up with a fantastic group of people. I also believe the individual coaching sessions are extremely valuable. I'd recommend ALE to my fellow colleagues."

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

"It is has been a very positive experience to take time out learn about myself, my colleagues, refresh learning about management, and try new things. It has been exceptionally good to get to know my colleagues in the Agency better. I hope it will help me to be a better person and more effective in and out of the office with increased self awareness and my impact on others."

"The ALE programme as a whole has been a fantastic learning experience which I will always remember. It has made me into a better leader more aware of my shortcomings and strengths. I highly recommend the programme to all leaders in the Agency."

"I liked the ALE programme a lot is a very good, well organised programme, especially the private coaching sessions, which were excellent. Thanks!"

"Highly productive and enjoyable course, well-planned and professionally delivered. The course and integrated coaching sessions have already had a positive impact on my day to day leadership activities."

"First congratulations for setting up the programme, it is varied, interesting, very applicable to everyday work, some immediately applicable and includes axes for later application. It was balanced, and set the environment for creating a potentially powerful group. The coaching is really very valuable... I think it really helped me... I have no doubt the ALE is of value to the Agency, not only by improving each of us, but by creating the group. Now our challenge will be to overcome the daily pressure to fulfil our common commitments.

"Exceptional programme...."

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