Youth Coaching

 Youth Coaching

Life can be a bit of a jungle for young people; an emotional roller coaster balancing relationships, friends, school and interests with pleasing those who are closest to them and finding their own sense of identity at the same time. Youth coaching can provide help teenagers address their concerns such as ‘I don’t know what I want to do next’ or ‘how do I get my parents off my back’ or from parents; ‘he never does his school work’.

And for those a little older, starting to come to the end of their education, there’s a frightening reality. Despite some decreases in recent years, levels of youth unemployment are still high (15.6% May 2015) and parents worry that their young 20 somethings won’t get decent jobs even after university and many new graduates in the UK find themselves working in non-graduate jobs. Competition is high and employers can afford to be picky. Young people need to know how to set themselves apart from the crowd.

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What we can offer:

  • One to one coaching to help address life and career goals
  • Exam planning and preparation
  • Dealing with emotional stresses triggered by social, family or exam pressures
  • Job hunting skills including CVs & covering letters and interview skills practice
  • Leadership development with groups – practical leadership tasks
  • Selection board preparation (eg for Armed Forces and other multi day selection boards)

Arcus material  TrafalgarPD are co-directors of ARCUS, a Youth Coaching service for teenagers and young adults dealing with the various stresses and demands of modern life and education. They have also developed the Arcus Programme, a coaching ‘employability skills’ programme for young men and women preparing for the next major change in their lives: leaving school (and often home as well) to go to college, university or into the workplace, or leaving tertiary education to find work. This programme helps them bridge that gap.

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