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Our Workshops & Development Programmes

We can offer bespoke development programmes for large and small groups and teams which compliments our coaching for individuals and teams around our core themes on leadership, high performing teams, career changes and youth employability.  We can also offer facilitation for your in house programmes and we are accredited to provide facilitation for a range of psychometric profiles either as part of a wider learning and development programme or as a stand alone facilitation.

Examples of Development Programmes

  • Leadership development for executives (heads of department) – an integrated leadership coaching programme delivered through modules of experiential learning and one to one coaching.
  • Alignment and development for senior executives (board) – inquiry and feedback, agreeing outcomes, awareness workshops, individual coaching, and collaborative ‘show and tell’ sessions.

Examples of workshops & master classes:

  • Knowing and using your Strengths – Understanding and reapplying your strengths to achieve success in your career.  The use of a selection of self awareness and psychometric tools for groups and teams.
  • The Manager as a Coach – 1 day workshop using the OSCAR coaching framework.  Click to download a summary of the  OSCAR coaching model.
  • Its Lonely at the Top – personal resilience & well being for senior leaders – a dip into neuroscience and its application for leaders’ ability to adapt at speed, initiating and leading other through change.
  • Developing a Coaching Culture in your Organisation – how organisations can embrace a culture where people are aligned, motivated and empowered.
  • Mission Leadership – ‘The Art of Action’ – lessons from the Prussians – vision, alignment, communication & empowerment
  • Authority, Presence and Impact – increasing your power and influence as a person to align what you do and how you do it.
  • Communicating with Confidence – a workshop that takes you beyond presentational techniques and skills.
  • Courageous Conversations – leadership conversations we have about our organisations’ unknown futures, our clients, our organisational structures, our immediate workgroups and the private conversations leaders need to have with themselves.
  • The Compassionate Leader – use of the Me, You Us model (Hopkinson 2014); having the understanding of what it takes to form lasting relationships and how to engage individuals to reach solutions.
  • Emotional Intelligence for leaders – self awareness, empathy, self regulation, motivation & social skills – developing your resilience, your performance at work, your mental health, your relationships and your ability to deal with conflict and difficult people.

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