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TrafalgarPD is pleased to re-launch its website. TrafalgarPD focuses on organisational development and change, team building and leadership coaching. Often organisations require elements of all 3 strands in order to fully meet their objectives.

We deliver exceptionally successful development programmes by pulling on the core values of courage, integrity, trust, confidence and ‘doing the right thing’. It uses lessons drawn from business, the military, parenthood and family to underpin a coaching and training service for organisations, teams and individuals to help manage changes in professional and personal lives.

Recent successful programmes have been delivered for NATO’s Communication and Information Agency (NCIA), BAE Systems and Aragon Housing Association along with a wide range of individual clients from CEOs of SMEs to junior managers in big corporates.

We work closely with leaders and teams, whether grappling with organisational transformation, making impact in new roles or dealing with cultural and behavioural ‘politics’ in the office. We also work with those outside organisations, making life changes in their careers and with Young People through our ARCUS Programme, ready to launch into the world of work.

We are motivated by making things happen for people, enabling them to see their way through the changes they want to make for themselves or with others.   The challenges we face through change, whether forced on us or self generated, are helped or hindered by the relationships we create with the individuals, teams and partner organisations that surround us.   To help you manage deliver this we focus on 3 things: you and your self awareness; your relationships and the impact you have on other people; and the action you bring and impact you make in the world.

Have a look at what we offer and contact us for more information.


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